Wholesale FAQs

Do you have a wholesale group on Facebook? 
YES!! Please join for updates and to be the first to know about new styles!


How fast is shipping?
If it is in stock on the website, it ships same or next business day. All weekend orders are shipped Monday.


What is your minimum?
Our minimum is only $50!

When will [xx item] be in stock?
We constantly have our factories working on thousands of items. We have them go through multiple quality checks during and after they're made, which takes time. It might seem like everything is taking too long to get in, but we will never sacrifice quality to get things in faster! When they have an expected delivery date, we will post about it in the wholesale Facebook group! 

Can I preorder what is out of stock?
We typically don't do preorders. Dates aren't always reliable, and it's easier to just wait until all items are here, checked, and confirmed before they are sold. 

Can I use your pictures on my social media and website?
Yes! Absolutely! We have an entire album in our Facebook group dedicated to photos you can use! Go to Photos>Albums>Marketing Images. 

Oh no! My customer had a hair tie break! What can I do?
Don't worry!! We have a replacement program that not only covers our hair tie sales, but all of our retailers' sales too! Here is the link to how it works and what info is needed from your customer. They can email us with the info, and we will send a replacement directly to them! You don't have to replace their set yourself or worry about it at all. We will take care of it.